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January - Shawn Farquahar Lecture & A Look Back And Ahead

Happy New Year!!!!  Wow!!  We are indeed lucky to have a renowned Canadian  lecturer, Shawn Farquahar, to help us kick off the New Year.  Eh!  Shawn is a FISM winner, an impressive accomplishment.   I am sure we are in for a good lecture, so you might want to prepare yourself for the things he may show us.  Check him out at:

That done, why don't we take a look back at the magic milestones and goals that we may have set last year, and set some goals for the New Year?  Our programs have been very productive and entertaining, and our Program Moderators and Performers have continued to be more and more professional.  So, let us review what we set as milestones or goals for the past two years, review some of the tricks or tips we may or may not have learned, and make some learning resolutions for 2006.  Let's begin with a look back at 2004:

YEAR 2004:

This guide continually suggests that we make some learning goals/resolutions and keep them.  Did we?  Let's take a look, and see what we may or may not have learned.

Stage Magic - Remember the fun we had with Ray Anderson, at Esther's Follies?  We got a look backstage at a working professional and his world, but we resolved only to have a good time.....and we did!!!  Can you walk out on a stage on short notice and do something that will entertain the people there? 

Walkaround/Close-Up - We read several chapters in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic (CCIM) and checked out a basic Rubber Band Routine, a Paddle Routine, Glass Thru Table, some "Betchas", the TIHOIP sponge-ball routine, and at least a basic Cups and Balls Routine.  Can you approach a table in a restaurant and perform an entertaining routine?

Children's Magic - We looked at some "favorites", as listed by performers on the web; we looked at a couple of "No Nos"; we looked at a couple of chapters in CCIM, which included some silk and hank magic, including Fatima, some knot tricks, a silk penetration, Afghan Bands, Utility Cone, Cut and Restored Paper (Clippo), Sun and Moon, all the Confetti to Candy effects, Square Circle; and we looked at a collected discussion of children's magic.  Can you stop a child from crying, in a check-out line at Wal-Mart?  Can you handle a group of kids tossed at you in the back yard of a stranger's home?

Card and Impromptu Magic - It was suggested that everyone take a quiz over Hugard and Brau's Royal Road to Card Magic (RRTCM); to review the basics of Sponge Ball Magic and the TIHOIP principle; and to take a look at some impromptu bar tricks.  If tossed a deck of cards, can you perform for at least 5 minutes?  Can you stifle some boredom in a movie line?  Can you get a free drink at a bar?

Rope, Ring, and String Magic - We took a look at some popular effects, which are in Wilson's CCIM, Hoffmann's Modern Magic (MM), and Cassidy and Stroud's The Klutz Book of Magic (KBOM).  Effects included Cut and Restored Rope/String, Threading the Needle, Ring Off/On Rope/String/Wand, Phantasia, Flying Ring, and others.  This is really basic stuff, but it is also world-class stuff.  Can you take a string, a rope, or a wand and a ring and entertain a group for five minutes?

Magic Contest - The contestants showed us that there is more to doing magic than just knowing secrets.  A performer must evaluate every move, word, and reaction of the spectators, in order to fine tune performances.   So, a magic performance is a two-way communications process.  When you perform, do you ensure that every person in the audience gets a touch, a nod, a smile, or at least a look?

Dramatic Performance - Having observed how careful scripting and careful preparation had positive results in the Magic Contest, we continued the discussion of effective performance.  Hey, what makes a professional performance?

Comedy - Where does it come from, and how can we create it?  These topics were well demonstrated by several of our members, and some on-line references were provided regarding comedy and creativity.  Are you funny?  If not, do not try to be.  BE YOURSELF is probably the best lesson learned in this meeting.  WHAT makes you funny?  Hey, doggy doo and blue material are not professional.

Money Magic - Encouraged preparation for this meeting included reading or reviewing Wilson's CCIM, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic (MCM), and several on-line webs.  Specific effects highlighted were Coins Thru Hank, Four-Coin Assembly, some passes, and a specific encouragement to look at the chapter on routining in Bobo.  Can you entertain a small group for five minutes with a few coins or some bills?

Young Magician's Night and Magic Week - Watching the young people in our group helped us recall some of our first tricks, and we were all asked to help brainstorm some things we might do in the community to promote Magic Week.  What were the first tricks you learned?  Are you still doing them?

New Member Night - This evening highlighted our newer members and helped us think about perhaps mentoring new folks.  What are, for example, the best books, essential working materials, best magic-shop purchases, and bits of advice that we can give new members?   I think this web page has a pretty good guide for new members.  What do you carry in your close-up case?  Do you have a Stand-Up piece that you can do anytime, anywhere?

Collector's Night - Local and out-of-town collectors brought and showed samples of their collections.  Many of the old effects were performed, and several on-line links, which display collections of old magic memorabilia, were provided.  Everyone should have at least one classic gem to perform and show.  What is yours?

YEAR 2005:

Cody Fisher Lecture & a Look Back and Ahead - Cody's lecture left us mystified, edified, and in a state of wonder.  Do you recall what you missed?  Take a look at his web page below, and, while you are at it, look at the suggested readings that were provided, in order to get everybody to set some goals for the year:

Favorite Tricks - You might want to make a copy of the favorite tricks of the 1940s and the current on-line favorites from the archives (Feb2005).  Anyway, all members were encouraged to bring a favorite that was "uniquely their own".  If you have not seen my Rubber Band Routine and Roach Trick, ask me when you see me.  What are your favorite top two or three routines?

Las Vegas Magic - Besides a report of members who attended the World's Magic Seminar, we had some links to poker chip tricks and some bar tricks.  The lesson for the month was to learn some tricks with a "gambling" theme/patter.  Everyone should, of course, bring home something from a convention, so what are your top three effects/routines you learned at a convention?

Classic Magic - If everybody did not go out and buy a copy of Elliott's Classic Secrets of Magic and Johnny Thompson's Commercial Classics of Magic, you missed out on the intent of my study guide.  The good news was that, if you have really read Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, you have the basics you need to do most of the general "classics" of intimate and close-up effects that are performed today.  Hey, but do  find copies of the Elliott and Thompson classics of magic, study them, lean the lessons, and you won't need much else to make it at least in the general magic world.  How many "classics" of magic can you name?  How many can you do?

Contesting  -  Annual Magic Competition - Our members have already demonstrated  that the Assembly's emphasis on performance and presentation may be helping our members  win contests.  You might want to check out the TAOM judging criteria on our May 2005 study guide.  This Assembly GROOMS ITS MEMBERS.  What do you think are the secrets of winning magic contests?

Mentalism - The Mentalism and Mental Magic Night provided a great overview of some of the common effects performed by mysterious performers.  Bibliography references included many low-cost and readily available works on line, which provide instruction and training in this area.  For example, one of the best-kept secrets in Mentalism is the overview of Annemann's Practical Mental Effects in Henry Hay's The Amateur Magician's Handbook.  The classic text for mentalism, however, is Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism; this encyclopedic work is not an easy book to study, but there is a study guide forthcoming.  Can you do three mentalism effects?

Card Magic - There is little doubt, for the general magician, that Hugard's Royal Road to Card Magic is all you need, to learn basics and intermediate card magic.  Have you tested yourself lately on the card-magic skills at the April 2004 study guide?  Can you be handed a deck of cards at a party and do a card routine?  Can you walk onto a stage and do a card performance?

Parlor Magic - This is, according to experts, stand-up magic, done in a small group, such as a living room, or perhaps a slightly-raised platform.  This genre of magic is not something that everybody can do.  Do you have something unique to present to a group?  Can you hold the attention of a living room filled with slightly-drunk party people?  Are you really ready to do kid shows?

Teaching Youth - What would you do, if you were tasked to teach a class of kids?  The first thing I would do is review the research of suggested tricks to teach in the September 2005 guide.  The discussion included not only the tricks but also how to organize the classes and handle small-group problems.  What tricks would you teach?  What books or study aids would you use?

Austin Magic - This program helped us recall notable magicians who have lived in our city.  Just a few include Fred "The Great Scott" Donaldson, Michael Ammar, Harry Anderson, Gene Anderson, and Harry Blackstone Jr.  I am sure I have left off some names, and I won't even bother starting the list of current members who share national and international spotlights.  Discussions of and/or demonstrations of some of their effects made this a great evening.  What tricks or tips have you learned from local magicians?

New Member Nite - What a great program that was!  A lesson learned was that some of us old timers need to get to work on new tricks and polish old ones, because the new folks are showing us up.  Other points made at the meeting were that we all need to be recruiters, we all need to be mentors (to keep us all sharp), we all need to participate in meetings, and that we probably need an orientation program (perhaps a short meeting for new members just before regular meetings).  What are some things you learned from the new folks?

Holiday Banquet and Bobo Study Guide - Since the banquet was held in lieu of a meeting, I posted a study guide for Bobo's Modern Coin Magic (December 2005).  The guide should keep you busy over the holidays, and one of your first New Year's Resolutions might be to complete it, either in its recommended six- to eight-week program, or maybe a six to eight month program, depending on the time you have to spend on it.....

But don't let that be your only New Year's Resolutions.  Make several and have a HAPPY AND MAGICAL NEW YEAR!!.............    Opie

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February - Professional Magic

Okay, get ready for some performances by many of our local and some out-of-town professional magicians. Be prepared also to learn what one might do to promote oneself and/or market one’s own original tricks.

I cannot imagine me going full-time professional, unless I first picked the brains of the distinguished list of people who will be performing for us at the February meeting. I cannot say what everybody will be doing, but I can tell you this: Cody Fisher will be performing and teaching us a mentalism effect of his, which will be released shortly. Kent Cummins will be demonstrating and teaching us an effect which won him a trophy at TAOM. If you think that is a teaser to get you to come to the meeting, how is this?:

Other magicians participating in the program include Andy Dallas, President Elect of The Society of American Magicians; Steve Farmer, Magic Camp instructor and busy kid performer; Cy Albertson, local magic shop proprietor; Andrew Feemster, up-coming pro; Smarty Pants, all-around great performer; and our AWOL Peter the Adequate, Branson attraction.

I would bet that everyone who participates will be able to shed light on what one must do to become a professional or perhaps to even market our original effects. But, in order to prepare yourself for the meeting and to help you come up with some good discussion questions, here are a few suggested readings you might want to check out before the meeting:

  1. Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic – Read the chapter on Mental Magic, pages 317-336, and the chapter on Cups and Balls, pages 423-433. Yeah, I know there is a lot of material there that will not be discussed, but I am reasonably assured that they will be helpful in learning the routines that Cody and Kent teach.

  2. The Fitzkee Trilogy – I cannot imagine anyone, who has professional aspirations, not reading the Fitzkee books. They will not only tell you how to be a professional magician but will help you groom your original brainchildren.l They are free to read at:

  3. Visions always has new essays and tricks that are worth reading. Read the essays on the following link. They include some good advice about booking restaurants, weddings, trade shows, and birthday parties. Click around on that web; there is a lot of good material in all magic genres:

  4. The MagicTalk Index has a number of discussions about various topics. See the Index for those items specifically for the working pro:

  5. Stevens Magic has some great articles by some well-known professionals. Read the articles at:

  6. Our Own Files – You might want to review the study guides for June and July 2004, where we looked into performance and communications and the planning and evaluation of dramatic performances: (See July also)

I am sure that several of the performers will be addressing the important points found above. Let us help them, by preparing ourselves to ask a very-informed group some intelligent questions, regarding professional grooming and marketing.

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March - Close-Up

Mark Wilson and Steven Loomis have taken on a monumental task of over-viewing "Close-Up Magic", a genre, which has many sub-topics and categories.  I asked Mark to give me an idea about what specific topics might be discussed/demonstrated, and he provided some general topics, among them, Table Magic, Strolling/Walkaround Magic, and Impromptu Magic.  To prepare for the meeting, let us first take a look at some of the things we have reviewed before:

1. In Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, simply review the chapters on Impromptu Magic, Betchas, Sponge Ball Magic, Cups and Balls, and....well, just about everything else that is not done on stage.  (Once again, I would recommend that everyone start a serious study of this test; it is our general reference here.)

2. Check out your card skills by going over the Royal Road to Card Magic checklist at the link below; if cards are your interest, check out the other links also:

3. For some "Favorites" lists of tricks and routines in this type of magic, click here: 

Okay, okay...I know that is a lot of review and that you have seen most of it before, but I think they are important review material.  If you want to try something different and new, take a look at what magicians around the world say about these topics.  You may have to join some of the forums below, but do so; they are worth playing on occasionally:

1. "Close-Up Magic" threads, on the Genii Forum;f=6

2. "Talk About Magic/Close-Up", on the AllMagicGuide:

3. "Starting on the Street", on The Busker's Café American:

4. Huge free library of magic on the Learned Pig.....Join!

5. "Perverse Magic" - This is one of the finest collections of a magician's magic thoughts and routines on the internet:;f=8;t=000086;p=1

If you check out all the links I have provided, you can browse for hours; just relax and do it.  You will find something you can use in just about every link posted.

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April - Friends and Family Night

Planning and moderating a friends and family night was a piece of cake for Kent Cummins, and his meeting/social event was great.  Some memorable items were the banquet-style table set up at the Omni Hotel, SAM and other magic memorabilia on the walls and on table displays, drinks/snacks, seven walkaround performers, and friends and family members.  It was an informal magic social event that will be remembered.

Planners for such functions can take a lesson from Kent (who is a retired military-club officer, among other talents), regarding location/decorations, set up, eats/drinks, guest list, and entertainment. 

In case you need  more details to plan your magic meeting/function, examine the checklist on this web:  http://www.partyplan.html .  If that web does not have what you need, just plug "party planning checklist" into Google, and you will find more information than you need to moderate one of our meetings or social events.

But "Is all this MAGIC?" you ask.  You bet!!!  And it helps to illustrate the far-sighted goal of the Assembly 206 Board of Directors to formalize and implement a Mentoring Program that will help integrate new members, their families, and their friends.  We are a "performance" group and not just a little cell that meets to exchange the latest  "double lift".

The introduction items on this study guide provide the basics that our Mentors are encouraged to point out to new members.  These points include recommended books, tricks, and other readings.  The Mentor tasks also include those needed to enroll new members in our Yahoo Group information web, furnishing and explaining  the types of functions on our published calendar, and wholehearted  efforts to groom and activate the member. 

The Mentor checklist is being finalized and will be available here soon....

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May - Aldo Colombini Lecture/Teach-a-Trick

Mammamia!!  Are we in for a treat!  If you have not seen Aldo perform, you don't need any words from me.  If you have not seen him, just ask anyone who has whether or not you should make the lecture.  You also might want to check out his web page:

Aldo is a master at presenting lecture material in a manner which is easy to learn and a joy to perform.  One of the biggest chuckles I have made during a lecture was at his simple solution to doing the Invisible  Pass.  He simply turned his back and did it, and it seemed perfectly normal for him to do it.  Well, you had to be there. Perhaps he will do it at this lecture.  It will certainly be your chance to be amused and enlightened.  Be sure to attend the May meeting, where Aldo is the Program for the evening.

Since there is no need to prepare for the May meeting, let us take a look at how we might benefit from a simple checklist of "How to Teach a Magic Trick". I asked Kent Cummins if I could use his copyrighted guide (Copyright 1997, Magic Hotline), and he said yes.  So, here (slightly edited) is something which will help you, when it is your turn to teach a trick:


  1. Create the Context.  Briefly explain where the trick came from and why it is important and interesting.
  2. Fool the Students!  Perform the trick as effectively as possible;let your students experience the magic.  (Note: This step is important as a "motivation tool").
  3. Disclose the Secret.  Demonstrate how the trick works.  Explain the general type of secret ("sleight of hand" ... "gimmick" ... "psychological force"...etc.).  Treat the secret with respect.
  4. Demonstrate Performance.  Integrate the secret with the performance.  Show the students how to perform the trick.  Review any difficult spots or performance tips.
  5. Distribute the Props.  Quickly let students get their hands on the props.  Hand them out with respect; don't "toss them out."  Allow students to make choices (such as color), if possible.  It takes longer, but it empowers students.
  6. Review as a Group.  Make sure everyone understands how to do the trick.  Perform it "by the numbers", as a group.  Review as needed.
  7. Let Students Perform.  Let selected students volunteer to perform the trick in front of the class.  Make constructive corrections (gently), but praise sincere effort.  Make sure students respect each other's performances. 
(Copyright 1997, Magic Hotline).

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June - Music and Magic

My search for material about combining music and magic has produced more questions than answers, and I am looking forward to the June meeting, where Ray Anderson and Ray Brown will surely provide us some answers.  In the meantime, please allow me to share some of the questions and material, so we may be better prepared for the June SAM Assembly meeting.  Important questions are:  Where do we stand, when we want to put together a media program with music?  What music may we use?  Where do we get it?  Below is a list of places I looked for answers.  Perhaps you will find it interesting.

To get an idea of what type of music might be desirable, one should probably look at some DVDs of famous magicians.  Some more-popular magicians on DVD are Blackstone Jr., Lance Burton, Siegfried and Roy, etc.  Generally magic shops have them, and Amazon may carry them also.  Audio tapes are also available; some of them are addressed at:

If sheet music interests you, there is a collection of famous magicians' music at:

Need music?  Well, there are places on line where you can find more than you want, but you might want to finish reading this post, before you go checking out the "file-sharing" music-download places like:

Okay, we have found some music, but how do we use it?  Take a look at this article about how to routine a program with music:

BUT....BUT....before you implement any of the above, read these:

AND THEN, come to the June meeting and get the answers from Ray and Ray.

(DISCLAIMER:  Seriously, folks, the links provided above hav a lot of material that may offer you some hope of using public domain music, but we must be careful about using any RECORDED music in a public performance, until we know the status of the piece.)

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July - What I Learned at Convention

Great theme for those folks who attend the National SAM Convention, but what about those guys who do not attend? Maybe this is a good time to review the Study Guides, to see what one might do with the money saved by staying home.....Just for the heck of it, let us say that the National Convention (or any convention) would cost between eight-hundred and a thousand dollars....What can the stay-at-homes buy with that? Let us look at our Study Guide?

The Study Guide shows what we might do to make up for not going to a National Convention:

  1. For about $50.00, we could buy all the recommended basic books on magic: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic; Hugard and Braue's Royal Road to Card Magic; Bobo's Modern Coin Magic; and Annemann's Practical Mental Effects. (See Recommended Books)...
  2. We could spend five days going over and studying the magic on the Internet Resources...Hey! If you really stop to learn some of the effects on the links, you can absorb at least five days of convention lectures. (Click on some Internet Resources; sorry, some of them are no longer active)...
  3. You say you still have money to burn? Okay...Buy Bill Tarr's Now You See It Now You Don't and the Second Now You See It Now You Don't and Kaye's Handbook of Mental Magic. (They might cost you fifty bucks for the three of them, but shop around on the internet...)...
  4. So, we have spent about a hundred bucks on the really great basic books. Now, we need to gather stuff to do the routines in the books. (See "Working Materials" on the provided link above.) Most of the items are available around your house....
  5. You say you are not happy with what you have for a hundred bucks?  Guess what? You have just about everything you need to do most of the type of magic that you would want to do. All you need to do is to gather the materials you need for the routines in the books you have purchased (or almost any other magic books you will ever purchase.  That list is provided under "Working Materials" on the link provided above.)...
  6. Okay....You say you are still not satisfied. by spending a small percentage of what the convention would cost? Fine! Go to one of the local magic shops and purchase the "Magic Store Purchases" on the link provided above.....Your purchases will run you about a hundred bucks.....
  7. So, for about two hundred bucks, you will have more magic than you will ever need....BUT, GUESS WHAT?

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August - Selected Videos

I know we are all looking forward to the visit by the San Antonio Assembly members and their program of very special magic. Those guys always do a great job. But, since we have no study topic for the month, I have selected some really great videos, which should keep us busy until our meeting....Enjoy....

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September - Schindler's Magic With Everyday Objects

George Schlindler holds the prestigious lifetime title, "Dean of American Magicians" conferred on him in July 2005 by The Society of
American Magicians. George is not only a master of many genres of magic, he is also an accomplished Ventriloquist. Therefore, it is not
likely that he will merely talk about impromptu magic with common objects, and he will be able to answer questions about a number of
entertainment skills.

So, how can we prepare for a lecture by "The Dean"? One might simply read his book, MAGIC WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS, but I highly recommend the reading of a couple of his other books: PRESTO: MAGIC FOR THE BEGINNER and MAGIC WITH CARDS (Frank Garcia, co-author)....By the way, "PRESTO" is not just a book for beginners; it is an excellent collection of important principles of magic, such as Productions, Vanishes, Changes, Transpositions, Restorations, Escapes, Levitations, etc.

If you do not have his books, you might review Mark Wilson's "Impromptu Magic", in his COMPLETE COURSE IN MAGIC. In addition, I
recommend just a quick look at the following links: - Dean George Schindler's web page - Some vent basics - Some simple effects - Better effects

Well, that should keep everybody busy until Dean George's lecture...Right now I am going to go read all that vent stuff.....later....opie 

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October - Ancient Magic

Magic, religion, and politics have always been closely related in the history of Man, as we can well see in our daily news reports.....Below are some of the links I have enjoyed finding for everybody and which should be taken as purely a study in history....Certainly, most of us will accept magic as our “entertainment” hobby/profession, but, almost every week on one forum or another, I get grown, even college-educated people, who ask me about the “real” magical powers of Blaine and Angel....haha.....Duh!!! Let us begin with a look at some really ancient studies....(I have not addressed the really black arts of Voodoo, Aztec and other ethnic rituals, etc.).... – Library of Congress Resource on Ancient Magic, etc... – Traditions in late antiquity - be sure to scroll down and look at the exhibits – Interesting article, based on the above exhibits – Indian Magic – Not any tricks, but check out the interesting links at the bottom..

...and how we still kind of look at those things.... – The Harry Potter Lexicon, a link to the present... - Ancient magical potions

.....and then we look in our magic books and learn they are all tricks..... – The Magic Cauldron - a sort of Bibliography of magic - Magic Lineage/origins

....but we read how some things came about like miracles and we start looking at black arts with questions.... – Magic History - Ancient Magic in Modern Science, many articles – Early engineering “magic” - history (audio and html) - Ancient magic in medicine

.....but then somebody comes along and stops us from burning witches...... - Magic chapters of The Discoverie of Witchcraft – Houdini’s MIRACLE MONGERS AND THEIR METHODS - Free download

....and we relax a bit and just kind of enjoy our art/craft as entertainment..... - Ray Goulet’s mini museum - Martinka’s museum – Magic Posters – More magic posters – Many more posters - Many European posters

....and we kind of enjoy it for a while, and then some people get excited because we don’t believe the way they do.... – The Skeptic – Somewhat off topic, but what a great list of Egyptian deity and hiro...hyrogl...well, you spell it

....and we raise armies to try to make everybody think the way we do...... – Early Western thought.... – Axioms of Magic in the western world....It is a wonder we have magic and religion in our world 

... and, when it comes right down to what is what, we just need to practice, practice, and practice, and entertain people.

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November – New Member Nite

Some of our new members are very accomplished magicians, but a few can use some guidance in getting oriented in magic. At the top of this
guide is a pretty comprehensive look at how to go about learning the basics. The last link below is a specific new-members' guide from
November 05, which is still a good checklist for establishing oneself in the Assembly. But, before we review last year's material, let us
look at the types of problems some new members might be having.

The first link is from a UK forum, made up mostly of kids. But, within the genuinely-sincere comments, there is enlightment. Youth enthusiasm
in magic is advancing the art/craft by leaps and bounds. Don't believe everything you hear about magic being dead. Just look around.

The second link below is a recap of a UK TV program of the "very worst/sick magic", which is kind of fun but not for everybody. - An MBA (Magic Buyers's Anon), which has some wisdom on good and BAD purchases. - Very worst/sick magic.....tsk tsk....(My roaches did not make the list....haha)

The big question which does not appear to have been answered is a common one on many magic forums on the internet. That question is,
"Well, what are the absolute essentials, out of all available material, that I should learn?"

Here is a link to some subjective lists of routines, illusions, gimmicks, etc., but you must make your own determination about what
items might best fit your personality and/or performance style.

That link addresses what might be "essential" knowledge/skills for magicians. Gee! And I thought all this stuff was new and had to be
bought.....duh!! (Check out the basic magic books...)

Overwhelmed? Well, relax, and take a look at last year's study guide: -
Last Year's New Member Study Guide (Nov 05)

Let me boil it down for you....If I had to start over, here is what I would want to learn, buy, or put together quickly, not necessarily in
the order given:

1. Card Sleights - Pass, force, DL
2. Card Tricks/Routines – Ambitious Card, Out of this World, a Poker Deal
3. Coin Sleights - Retention Pass, Down's Palm, Bobo Switch
4. Coin Tricks/Routines - Hobos and Sheep, TIHOIP, Color Change
5. Paper Napkin Tricks/Routines - TIHOIP, Torn and Restored
6. Wand Tricks/Routines - Wand from Purse Frame (match box, etc.),
Clinging Wand, Vernon Spin
7. Impromptu Table Tricks/Routines - Bent Spoon, Shaker Thru Table
8. Magic-Store Purchases for Kid Show - Temple Screen OR Square
Circle, magician's rope, silks
9. Magic-Store Purchases for Walkaround - Sponges, Multiplying
Rabbits, Hot Rod or Color-Changing Knives
10. Books: Wilson, Bobo, Hugard & Braue

Final bottom line: Get yourself a good basic text, like Mark Wilson's COMPLETE COURSE IN MAGIC, find THREE tricks/routines that really impress you, and LEARN THEM.......Show me one next month......(ssshhh...If you have been in magic more than a year and
have not yet grasped the basics of items 1 through 9 above, give me a call, and I will be happy to help with some personal
tutoring.....shhhhh....don't tell anybody....).........

Did I forget, or not address the learned ones? Those magicians who know all the above? Well, can you show me something innovative, that
is yours, in regards to the effects named? Hey! We all have some ideas about those standard effects....Let us share those ideas with our new
members, AND LISTEN TO THEIR IDEAS!!.................opie

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December - Banquet

In celebration of our upcoming holidays, let me offer the following feast of collected magic and related webs for you to devour at leisure and a prayer that everyone will HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.......opie 

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Chandu radio - - Chandu the Magician audio tape
Edgar Bergan & McCarthy - - Edgar Bergen and Charley McCarthy 

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Carruth's Roadshow 1-10 best - - Best Roadshow Articles/Tricks from 1 - 10 issues
Carruth's Roadshow NL - - Rick Carruth's Magic Roadshow archive
Quinlan's Inside Magic News - - Quinlan's Inside Magic NEWS
Rick Carruth's Magic Bullets - - Rick Carruth's Magic Bullets blog
thinking man's - -
zauberthoughts – tricks, commentary - - Sir Dale's good things...

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C&B Doc Shiels - - Free Doc Shiels book
cheating cards, etc - - Cheating Manual
dealer/publisher – H&R - - H&R Books
dealer/publisher - - Dover Publications great books of magic
Discoverie chapters - - Magic chapters of The Discoverie of Witchcraft
Expert at Card Table - - Download of Erdnase Expert at Card Table
Expert at the Card Table - - Erdnase, read
free magic book - - Free course in magic (Johnny Gentile???)
Hopkins Magic - - Read copy
magic history - - Read two books==Magie Words and Magic Archetypes – HISTORY
Houdini – The Miracle Mongers - - Search by author: Houdini
Stanyon – Magic 1903 -;view=toc;idno=AHK6318.0001.001 - Read copy
Fitzkee trilogy - books – Magic Books, be Tables of Contents -
Misc magic books - - Free E books
misc marketing magic - - Marketing books, magic books
Uri Geller – bibliography - - list of his books, etc.
Taro texts - - Copies to read on a Taro web

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contract - - Sample Performance Contract/Agreement

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blog – Cardopolis - great card routines - - really good stuff...
German playing cards - - Magic cards??? 

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carnival – circus – sideshow - collection of strange stuff

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coins/money - simple coin tricks 

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Palmer's C&B - - Palmer's Cups and Balls Museum 

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handcuffs, etc - - handcuffs and other stuff 

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Genii, tricks - - Free tricks from Genii...
Magic and Illusion - - Magic and Illusion...Wayne's Reviews and News

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Poker Inc – chip & cards - - Official Poker Inc....Chip and card tricks
poker, etc. - - Poker Pro Blog w/Links
poker tips - - smart poker tips

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ghost stories web - Ghost stories; get ready for Halloween 

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hypnotism – Hypnotism 

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juggling org search - - Plug in shaker cups
search index juggling org - - General juggling tips/instruction
Shaker cup info - - Shaker cup instructions (Dube cups)
video – Shaker cup juggling - - Large Shaker Cups – great
video instructions - - Learn to Juggle

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kid stuff

performance tips - - kid stuff
performance tips - - kid magic 

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academic's links to magic webs - - many good links
busking - - Great links to Busking
card games, tricks, etc. - - Card Games and links to tricks, etc.
Magic Info dot org - - many many great links
magic reference web - - excellent starting point for research..
Harry Anderson bio web - - shows his tv work etc...
magicians - - International Magician Directory
magicians - - you can add your contact data free
magicians, news - - British magicians and others; other good links
magicians. tricks, news - - Free weekly magic tricks, calendar, etc.
magick, supernatural, etc. - – Collected magick, supernatural, etc
tricks and information - – links to tricks and information
UK magicians, news - - Magic in the UK news

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catalog – denny - - Denny Magic Catalog
history – card - - Card Collection and The Expert at the Card Table
history – engineering magic - - Early engineering “magic” - history (audio and html)
history - - Indian Magic History; Academic Essay
history - - Who is Erdnase?
history - - Magic History
history - – History (Magic Cauldron Magazine)
history – lineage - - Magic Lineage/origins
misc - - General magic stuff
misc - - Interactive collection of magic essays, busking, etc....
misc - – menu has samples from the book for sale...
review - - Stanford Times review of “The Illusionist”
audio - - Magic Broadcast Live
postcards - - Steve Brooks' magic postcard site
reviews/opinions - - Review of Very Worst Sick Magic...tsk tsk
terms - - Wikipedia List of Magic Terms
tips - - Magic Tips and other interesting stuff

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ESP Card Templates - - download ESPcards.....
Gray Elephant in Denmark - - Gray Elephant in Denmark Trick
Hot Coil Spring Trick - - Hot Coil; neat spring trick
misc - - Great for card stack, cold readings, forcing matrix, etc.
Nonverbal terms - - The Nonverbal Dictionary
psychic stunts - - Psychic stunts
psychic stunts - - Some psychic stunts....
two tricks - - Just a Touch Mental Effect & In the Pocket Miracle
two tricks - - different presentation of Elephand and a card effect...
Xrated (not really) Book Test - - X Rated (not really) Book Test

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One Liners

bumper stickers - - hundreds of bumper stickers
stephen wright's great lines - - great one liners of this great comedian

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optical illusions - Michael Bach's Optical Illusions 

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bill - - Bill Origami
links - - Collected Origami sites
links - - Huge origami link site

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gospel magic - - Gospel Magic Routines
magic pitch - - Busker's Cafe/Magic
medicine pitch - - Dr. Wilson's Side Show web

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pen spinning

(wand, pen, etc.) - - links to several pen spin webs 

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Houdini - - collection of Houdini photos
magicians - - Huge collection of magician photos...thanks to Jack Yardley
magicians – Mona Morrison - - Mona Morrison's Magician Photos
postcards - vintage magic/paranormal -

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posters - Neat posters from Lee Asher
Swann Magic poster sale - - (If deleted, look for special magic in menu)

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JREF Forum - - Archive of Conjuror's Corner – JREF Forum

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audio, etc - - just tech stuff

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bent spoon - - Bent spoon; simple explanation
bill – floating bill trick - - Floating bank note trick
C&B – museum - - Bill Palmer's C&B web....Note: Museum requires access code from Bill
card – Card Wallet Prediction - - Card Wallet Prediction
card – Monte - - Pages of Monte Ideas
card – Monte/ Mexican Turnover - – Monte, Mexican Turnover
card – Nathan Kranzo - Card to Card Box - - nice card trick instructions
card – one-hand shuffle - - One-Hand Card Shuffle
card – snap change - -
card – Three Card Monte - - Three Card Monte Instruction
card – cell phone trick -
coin - - Toothless Wonder's Solid thru Solid Coin Trick
dice stacking - - Dice Stacking
internet Flash Mind Reader trick - - The Flash Mind Reader Trick
internet math trick - - Cute math trick
Monte - - Monte Card Trick
Monte - - Argentinean Routine (Monte plus...)
Monte - - Three Card Monte
one-hand card shuffle - - One-Hand Card Shuffle
rubber band reel; floating bill - - Rubber Band Reel; Floating Bill Instructions
salt & pepper trick - - with a plastic spoon
shell game - - Thimble Rig Bit
shell game move - - Advanced Shell Move
shell game moves - - Shell Game Moves
spoon animated - - The Spoon (invisible thread moves spoon)
bar tricks - http://www.bartendermagcom/ic. - Bar tricks
tricks – bar tricks - - Bar Tricks
tricks – basic simple - - Basic secrets; mostly crap, but a time killer
tricks – basic simple - - Lot of free stuff
basic simple – good large collection - - old and sold collection
basic simple - - Lot of simple stuff
basic simple - - Simple magic tricks
bizzar routines - - Some strange routines
blackjack and poker cheating - - Cheating at Blackjack and Poker
Burton's tricks for kids - - click on magic secret archive – nice selection of simple tricks
Three free tricks for kids - - Three simple tricks to teach kids
card – blog - - Card Trick Blog w/Links
card - - Card Trick Central
card - - Simple card magic
card - - Card Trick web
card - - Free card tricks
card - - Card Trick/Move Instructions
card - - Card Tricks
card - - learn sleights and tricks
card – poker stacks/game - - card stacks and game..
card erdnase -;f=1;t=000947 - Genii ERDNASE Discussion
card holdouts (Riser) - - Jim Riser's Holdouts
card marked - - 3-d Marked Cards
card marked - - Riser Marked Cards
card, erdnase - - Erdnase TEACT Discussion
card, routines - - routines and sleights blog
coin - - Coin stuff/routines
dice - - Dice Tricks
general - - many simple tricks of different types
illusion – Penn & Teller - - Penn and Teller Exposure of Illusion
math – Gardner, Garret, etc - - Mathematical Card ..Martin Gardner, Dan Garret
math - - Some good effects, using math principles...
math card - - More Math Card Tricks
math card - - Math card tricks
misc - - Great collection of magic
misc - – general magic tricks
misc - - Card Trick ca....simple card, coin, rope, etc tricks
misc - - Cards, Money, and Rope Magic
misc - - magic downloads
misc - - Handling for Muscle Pass, Pen Thru Bill, and Ambitious Card
misc - - Great selection of secrets, sleights, etc....
misc - Magic Dan Index - - Magic Dan's Index
misc – muscle pass, etc - - Elliott's tricks
miser's dream – Evans - - Henry Evans Chinese Miser's Dream
poker cheats lecture - - Poker Cheats/Demonstration
routines for Tenyo effects - - one by Brad Henderson
science simple - Dave V in Copenhagen?
watch trick – Penn & Teller - - Penn &Teller,WatchTrick

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puppetry - - academic site
puppetry - -
puppetry - -
puppetry - - voice ideas...
Bullivant's Throw Your Voice - - Vent Stuff
Carruth notes on Bullivant - - Downloadable e book
Dean Atkinson's blog - - Vent article on Man in a Boys World

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Amazing Johathan videos - - Jonathan videos on Franks Blog
Annemann Bullet Catch - - Annemann Bullet Catch
Bizzarro - - Bizzarro, very funny guy
Blackstone's Half Time - Blackstone's Half Time
Blaine levitates - - Blaine levitates....yeah right!!!!
bob sheet's Beaumont three-shell routine - - 3 shell game
Bonsel – Walkaround routine - - fair but too long...
card – Three Card Monte - - Amazing Monte Tossing
Casey Moore – Straitjacket & Chain escape - Straitjacket and chain escape, Casey Moore
Charis (Daniel Alexander) - - great street stuff
Chris Angel – coin work - - Angel Coin
Chris Angel on Houdini - - Angel on Houdini and magic
Chris Angel Toothpick trick - - Chris Angel Toothpick Trick
Conover – mentalist - - Excellent routines
Copperfield Flying - - David Flying
Copperfield with Orson Welles - – David & Orson Welles
Copperfield's Camera Trick - - nice spoof...
Copperfield's Laser Illusion - - Copperfield's Laser Illusion
Copperfield's Prediction - – David's Prediction
Copperfield's Spirits Routine - – David's Spirits Routine
Cyril – Alain Nu's ESP Cards - - Alain Nu's ESP Cards
Cyril – Card Thru Aquarium - - Card Thru Aquarium Cyril
Cyril – Card Thru Window - - Card Thru Window
Cyril – Cart Thru Glass Bottom Boat - - Cyril...Card Thru Glass Bottom Boat
Cyril – Cigarette routine - - Cigarette routine Cyril
Cyril - Coin Thru Table on TV - - Coin Thru Table on TV Show Cyril
Cyril – Fish Restoration/Revival - - Fish Restoration/Revival Cyril
Cyril -
Cyril – Invisible Deck Routine - - Invisible Deck Routine
Cyril – Match and Coin Routine on TV - - Match and Coin Routine on TV Show Cyril
Cyril – Money productions and mattrix - - Cyril....Money productions and Mattrix
Cyril – Rubber Band Magic - - Cyril...Rubber Band
Cyril – Tea House Magic - - Cyril...Tea House Magic
Cyril -Match/Coin -
Derrin Brown - - Derren Brown videos
Derrin Brown Stephen Fry Card Trick - - Brown card trick
Ellis Runaround Sue C&B - - Scroll down to “Runaround Sue”
fast and loose chain - - Fast and Loose Secrets
Fay Presto Walkaround - Fay Presto walkaround
Geller exposure clip - - Geller bending a spoon
Geller's promo - - want a laugh??
Geller Bio I -
Geller Bio II -
Geller Bio III -
Harbin's Zig Zag - - Harbin's original Zig Zag
Howard Thurston clips - - Thurston clips...
Johnny Ace Palmer - - Johnny Ace Palmer's Championship act outline
jumbo card manipulation - - absolutely amazing productions, etc., of cards
large shell routine - - Large Shells Routine video - M. Geinoshi - - Several tricks performed well by Japanese magician 
magician sets face on fire - - Magician sets face on fire....duh!
Marco Tempest's Aquarium Magic - - nice work
Marco Tempest's Shrinking Umbrella - - Camera trick..
Mark Lewis - - Must-See Mark Lewis Video
mark lewis pitch act - - click on link to Mark's pitch
old edison films 1890s – 1920s -
Ortiz Three Card Monte routine - -
Pendragon's Clearly Impossible Sawing in Half - - Sawing in Half
Pendragon's Metamorphosis - - Pendragon's Metamorphosis
Pendragons web page - - The Pendragons web page – quick Metamorphosis
Randi exposes Geller - - Uri Geller exposed
Siegfried & Roy Sawing in Half - Siegfried & Roy Sawing in Half
spoon bend - - Spoon bend video
Steve Martin The Great Flydini - - Great Flydini Steve Martin
Stevie Starr regurgitation - - Stevie Starr regurgitation
Tommy Wonder C&B - - Tommy Wonder at FISM ?
unknown Card Control - - pretty good work
unknown Dirty - nice routine by a couple of Brits...
unknown Flash Change - - unknown
unknown Red Hot Mama Card Trick - - should have started with deck face up
Whit Haydn - - Whit Haydn video clips
Whit Haydn - - Whit Haynd's Videos
Zenon's Broken Bottle - - Zenon...Sound is busted, but this is good..
magic web - - Magic videos and forum
ellis and webster's “My Space” videos and links to others - - many video magic links
schneider's great C&B and coin work - - Great basic stuff that is smooth and entertaining...
Zenon - several clips - - great clips

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dmoz open links to magic - - general link to magic
al magic links - - good links to magic clubs, etc

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