Wayne Houchin Lecture Strange Ideas: The No Blessings Tour

Wayne Houchin

Strange Ideas: The No Blessings Tour


FREE – to S.A.M. Assembly 206 members
EXCLUSIVE – Only for members (IBM members $20)
ENGAGEMENT – One night only Thursday, August 21st at the   Omni Hotel Soutpark, 4140 Governor’s Row, Austin Texas.
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Who Is Wayne Houchin?

Wayne Houchin’s work as a performance artist, magician, and dare-devil has made him one of the most popular and exciting mystery entertainers in the world.

He has performed in more than 30 countries, appeared on NBC’s Today Show, headlined the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and he made history in the Dominican Republic by stopping time during a live, nationally televised stunt.

Houchin currently stars in the Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic: The Magic of Science which has been watched by more than 100 million people worldwide.

What Is The Lecture About?

Wayne Houchin debuted his new lecture Strange Ideas last year in Europe to sold out audiences and rave reviews. This summer, he’s bringing it across the United States. Strange Ideas features an exploration of original magic and surprising variations – including magic with glass bottles, dollar bills, a helium balloon, and more.

Houchin’s new lecture notes Strange Ideas will also be available. His previous releases to the magic community include The Signed Coin in Can, Stigmata, Ultragaff, and Thread. Houchin’s original magic has been performed by David Blaine, Derren Brown, Criss Angle, Dynamo, and many others.

This is a one-of-a-kind presentation by one of magic’s most unique performers and creators.


Wayne Houchin on The Magic of Science
Wayne Houchin: Death-Defying Book Bungee
Wayne Houchin on The Project


“Wayne Houchin is one of the hottest magicians on the planet!” – Genii Magazine

“A world class entertainer who shares himself entirely with the audience. A must see for anybody who loves magic!” – SOMA, 2009 FISM Grand Prix Winner

“Wayne Houchin’s lecture was one of the best we’ve had in years. His magic is fantastic, visual and amazing. But if you watch him and pay close attention, you might learn something far more important than tricks: How to connect with an audience, draw them into an experience and make them care.” – Harry Lucas, Magic Circle Vienna

“Wayne Houchin is this generation’s Houdini! One of the best lectures we’ve ever had.” – Wizardz Magic Theater

“Wayne Houchin is brilliant!” – Criss Angel

“Wayne Houchin was incredible during his sold out, standing room only lecture! We enjoyed having him very much!” – Tannen’s Magic

“A cross between a con-man & a street magician, a fascinating live performer!” – Synthesis Magazine

“Houchin’s lecture was excellent and one I highly recommend to any magician as a MUST SEE!” – Marc DeSouza

“Wayne Houchin’s lecture depressed me. He’s just a kid–half my age–and he’s EXTREMELY talented. Aside from the insights into both conceiving and implementing great effects, Wayne knows what it takes to perform them. It’s no wonder he has such a vast and devoted following (he PACKED Midwest Magic’s lecture room–and many were faces I had never seen before.) I would most highly recommend Wayne’s lecture to any group that appreciates talent and the rare combination of both ingenious creator and exceptional performer. It is not to be missed!” – Tim Felix, Midwest Magic

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