John Carney Lecture in Austin


John Carney

Sept 18th
$25.00 at the door
6:00 pm  Dinner with John and the boys
7:15 pm  LectureIHOP
Meeting Space
1101 S Mo Pac Expy
Austin, TX 78746

John Carney is acclaimed as one of the finest magicians in the world. His books, Carneycopia and The Book of Secrets, are considered by many to be modern classics.

John’s seminars include stage and close-up magic using cards, coins, cigars and a variety of everyday objects. Each routine is a lesson in itself, containing the insights and ingenuities that have made John one of the premier teachers of magic today.

Topics include presentation, routining, misdirection, and creativity.

Material from John’s CARNEY 2013 series, and some classic items from his books.
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